Stop Child Rape and Sexual Abuse in the Aid Industry

“The aid industry harbors and enables pedophiles worldwide. They regularly prey upon the worlds most vulnerable children.”

– Former senior UN official

Foreign Aid NPO of the Year 2023 - Switzerland Award

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Ground-breaking international ruling for non-profit gives hope to abandoned children

We are delighted and proud to report that through an organisation he co-founded,, our CEO and Chairman, Professor Andrew MacLeod has played a part in winning a major international lawsuit using innovative technology to bring reparations to children abandoned by the men who fathered them through sex workers.

United we stand
We must stop this abuse

In 2016 United Nations Secretary General Guterres recognized more than 140 incidents of sexual abuse implicating more than 300 individuals in peace keeping operations. However, most cases United Nations staff sexual abuse happen outside peace operations. Guterres knows that many victims are children and the above numbers are just the tip of the iceberg.

The situation is getting worse.

As the pandemic wreaked havoc on the world the threat to children worsened and went underground. The Washington Post reported in October 2020 that “…poorest and most marginalized children [now]out of school… can [more easily] be forced into child labor and exploitation… [These children, already the most marginalized] become fodder for online child sexual commercial exploitation [currently] expanding to meet growing demand from locked-down abusers. Moreover, collapse of whole economies and family livelihoods is predictably pushing more children into work and the worst forms of child labor, including the risk of being trafficked.”

– Full article here

In January 2021 the New York Times noted that “… 51 women interviewed… [said] they [were] pressured to provide sex to employees of W.H.O. and other international aid organizations… [Women] faced …pressure when they were seeking jobs and … [sometimes] the men terminated contracts of those who refused…”

– Full article here

“First, sexual exploitation and abuse is not a problem of peacekeeping, it is a problem of the entire United Nations. Contrary to the information spreading that this is a question related to our peacekeeping operations, it is necessary to say that the majority of the cases of sexual exploitation and abuse are done by the civilian organizations of the United Nations, and not in peacekeeping operations.”

– 18 September 2017 Secretary-General’s address to High-Level Meeting on the United Nations Response to Sexual Exploitation and Abuse.

80% | 140 Incidents
(IN 2016)
91% | 300 Victims
8% | 1 in 7
95% | 60,000 Victims

Meet Our Founders

Peter Gallo

Attorney at law

Abbe Jolles

international human rights litigator

Andrew MacLeod

Attorney at law

Edward Patrick Flaherty

General Counsel

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Working with governments, and NGOs to implement best training, prevention, detection and prosecution of sex abusers.


Providing data to raise awareness. Once the general population is aware of the problem, real change comes swiftly.

Legal Action

We search out perpetrators of sex abuse. We seek to hold perpetrators accountable and compensate abuse victims.

Protecting Whistleblowers

We lobby governments and NGOs on behalf of whistleblowers, and advocate for their safety and security. 

Peter Gallo

attorney at law

Peter Gallo is admitted to practice in Scotland, Hong Kong and New York. He has an MBA and an LLM. He spent 19 years as a Hong Kong based investigator. He worked in some of the most corrupt countries in the world. He is a recognized expert on the identification and detection of money laundering. In 2011, he was recruited by the United Nations, as an investigator in the Office of Internal Oversight Services, (UN OIOS) in New York. He resigned several years later after witnessing extensive internal corruption. He has been quoted extensively in the Media. He has twice testified before Congress on the UNs failure to address widespread staff sexual abuse.

Abbe Jolles

international human rights litigator

She handles individual, corporate, criminal and civil matters involving unlawful property confiscation, incarceration or risk of incarceration and other rights violations globally. She provides representation before the UN Dispute Tribunals and related bodies. Abbe is a principal consultant for Global Insight headquartered in Hong Kong. Abbe was the first American woman admitted to the International Criminal Court and the first American admitted to the African Court on Human and People’s Rights. She achieved a landmark result at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda. Abbe attended Antioch College, Yellow Springs, Ohio, London School of Economics, London, England and the University of Oregon School of Law in Eugene, Oregon. She speaks French and English.

Ms. Jolles may be reached here.

Andrew McLeod

attorney at law

Attorney Andrew MacLeod is Chairman of Griffin Law and Executive Director of Hear Their Cries.   He is a lawyer qualified in both the UK and Australia.     He is a Visiting Professor at Kings College London, where he heads the International Genetics Project. He serves on the boards of Consilium Strategies and Burnham Global.

Professor MacLeod advises companies on stakeholder relations and external risks. He served on the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) Expert Panel on Humanitarian Negotiations. He served on the Advisory Boards of the World Economic Forum’s Future of Civil Society Project, Kings College Humanitarian Futures Project and the UN Expert Group on Responsible Business and Investment in High-Risk Areas.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws from Tasmania University, a Master of Laws from Southampton University, a Graduate Diploma in International Law from Melbourne University and is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Andrew served as Pakistan Operations Chief, UN Emergency Coordination Centre. In the 90s he ran Law of Armed Conflict Military training in Rwanda and former Yugoslavia for the ICRC. 

Author and Communicator

MacLeod appears as an expert on television and radio. He is the author of the book A Life Half Lived (New Holland Press). 

Awards and Decorations

He twice received the Australian Humanitarian Overseas Service Medal for work in the Balkans and Rwanda. He received the Australian Defense Medal for service as an officer in the Australia Infantry.   

He received a Red Cross Medal in recognition of his work in East Timor.  

In 2008 he received the Australian Davos Connection Leadership Award.
In 2013 Young Britons Foundation, Global Leadership for Freedom Award, 2014 University of Tasmania Foundation distinguished Graduate Award. He was awarded Vice Chancellor’s Distinguished Fellow, Deakin University in 2016.   


MacLeod was a world-class swimmer winning a silver medal for the 200 meters butterfly in 2002. 

Edward Patrick Flaherty

general counsel

Edward Patrick Flaherty is General Counsel to Hear Their Cries. He is an American lawyer and partner in the in the Swiss law firm of Schwab, Flaherty, & Associés, Geneva, Switzerland. 
He represents whistleblowers, NGO staff members and third parties working for or injured by international organizations such as the UN, UNHCR WIPO, WHO, ILO, etc. He has handled test cases before the European Court of Human Rights, and in US Federal Courts including the US Supreme Court. He prepared the HTC Amicus Brief filed in the US Supreme Court in the Haiti Cholera case. He served on the Board of Directors of SYZ Swiss Advisors SA, a US SEC registered, Swiss-based investment advisor servicing and managing investment accounts for US citizens, both resident and expatriate, for more than seven years. He is cofounder of IO Watch (, and the Centre for Accountability of International Organizations ( ). He is admitted to practice before the US Supreme Court, and the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts.  He received his BA from Tufts University, and his Juris Doctor from Suffolk University Law School, Boston, Massachusetts. Reach him here.