60,000 victims an over or underestimate​?

HearTheirCries.org has received a number of criticismsunited_nations_696x366 for estimating the true scale of the sexual abuse scandals in the aid industry. We estimate 60,000 victims of Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Child Rape over the last decade. We have been accused of inflating the real figure. Yet not a single critique has pointed to a ‘better’ estimate.

We, in contrast, believe the estimate of  60,000 is, shockingly, low.

Unlike those who criticise us, we are fully transparent on how we come to this estimate and have always been clear that it is an estimate, not a peer-reviewed nor an academically defensible piece of ‘data’. It is an estimate based on poor data precisely because the UN and NGOs are not transparent on the scale of abuses.

Because they are not transparent, we are working off imperfect information.

See how we calculated the estimate by clicking on the link below, and let us know your thoughts.

Explaining HtC 60000 Estimate

Regardless of whether our estimate is too high or too low, the scale of abuse at the hands of the industry is a betrayal of the most vulnerable people and must stop. That is the real issue at hand.

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